And that concludes the Smithtown Mechanical Bulls’ 14th competition season: one of our best! Stronghold was so much more exciting than any of us could have imagined, and not just because of the knights, jesters, and dragons that kept the crowd pumped. Robots flipped, broke, and even stopped working, but not Bulldozer. Our robot, and team, certainly earned a place among the knights of the round table. We were…

  1. Finger Lakes Quarter-Finalists
  2. First Long Island Quarter-Finalists
  3. First Long Island Excellence in Engineering Award Winners


A special congratulations to Carley Rowe on becoming a Dean’s List Finalist! The award commends an individual’s leadership and dedication to FIRST and STEM; only two finalists are selected from each regional to be considered for the title of Dean’s List Winner. Good luck Carley!


This season marks the beginning of a new era for Team 810. Let’s keep this good streak going!