From Stony Brook University, the build room, and our homes, today the excitement of anticipation mounted. Team members, mentors, and parents alike have been theorizing–since the release of the teaser–what FIRST Stronghold could possibly be. Jousting? Capture the flag? Water game? All questions, however, were answered when the game animation was finally released.

After the excitement, the entire team met at Smithtown Central Library to review the manual and start organizing strategies and designs. If you missed the meeting, this was the presentation used*. If you would like to take part in the designing of the robot (this includes parents: all ideas help) you must read the ENTIRE manual. Yes, it’s a lot of reading, but to be fair, engineering a robot isn’t a piece of cake. To read the manual, go to this link and enter the password “@Ahead)Together!FRC^2016” (case sensitive, without quotation marks).

Build Season Meetings:

If you are not signed up for the email list; SIGN UP NOW! That is the most reliable source of meeting updates, but for general meeting times, you can check the calander. Depending on how much or how little has to be accomplished by each group, these times will change, so check your email! Meetings will also occur during midterms week and winter break. Try to come as often as possible, but remember that your health, family, and grades come first.

Forty-five days to build a robot may seem like a lot, but this build season will fly by, so roll your sleeves up and give it all you’ve got!

*this presentation is based off of the manual released at kickoff: rules changed or clarified after the fact are not included