Our 3rd annual LEGO set of the FIRST Robotics Competition game has been released! This year, it is FIRST Power Up!

This LEGO set includes:

  • Half of the FIRST Power Up field
  • 1 Scale (Movable like the real game piece)
  • 1 Switch (Movable like the real game piece)
  • 30 Power Cubes
  • 1 Alliance Player Station
  • 3 mock robots of the Red Alliance with 12 Minifigures
  • 3 mock robots of the Blue Alliance with 12 Minifigures
  • Minifigures of Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers, two of the FIRST founders.

This set contains the elements needed to replicate one half of the playing field (Blue Alliance is shown in the images). With parts to change alliance colors (To Red Alliance), an additional set can be used to complete the other half of the field. By getting two sets, a person can replicate the complete playing field.

Six example robots are included in this set. Three robots are for the Red Alliance, and three robots are for the Blue Alliance. These robots are loosely based on the game reveal video. One can even design their own FIRST POWER UP bot to complete the challenges in the LEGO model, just like in the FIRST Robotics Competition game!

FIRST and LEGO already have a strong partnership through FIRST LEGO League Junior (http://www.juniorfirstlegoleague.org/) and the FIRST LEGO League (http://www.firstlegoleague.org/). With this third iteration of our annual LEGO FIRST set, our set designers further adapt and expand the use of LEGOs not only in competition with younger students, but also with practical application and efficient discussion of strategy for the current game.

There are three other contributors to this set: Robopetzer, TheAndrewcpu, and blevine2001. All four of us give our explicit permission to use our work (as shown above) in this set.