Sometimes, the frontier of robotic discovery is a lot closer than you think. In today’s case, it was right here at Smith Haven Mall, where anyone who asked could feel like a surgeon and try out Mather Hospital’s¬†daVinci¬†Surgical Robot. Not on patients, of course, but on colored rings, which were placed onto cones of matching colors.

Mather Hospital also proposed a challenge: whichever team could match the rings and cones most efficiently wins a prize (and bragging rights, naturally)! It was a tough competition between our team, FTC Team 8073 (Quantum Chaos), and FRC Team 564 (Longwood Robotics), but we won!

20160130_144252 Screenshot_2016-01-30-22-22-49

Many thanks to Mather Hospital for this awesome opportunity! See you at next year’s Interactive Health Fair!